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Monday, April 5, 2010


Statistics a mathematical science form a basic tool in business and manufacturing as well.

If in a tour, the total money spent by 10 friends is Rs.50000, then the average money spent by each person is Rs.5000.Here 5000(50000 /10 ) is the mean.
If you have 15 things lined up next to each other by their cost, the median cost will be the cost of the thing in the very middle. Here the cost of middle thing is the median.
A shopkeeper, selling shirts, keeps more stock of that size of shirt which has more sale. Here the size of that shirt is the mode among other.


Cooking is an art. While preparing a delicious meal, measuring the ingredients and calculating the time it will take to cook involve maths. If a person adds too much of salt or sugar it will spoil the food. One must be aware in what proportion it should be added. Converting measurements when doubling and tripling a recipe needs basic math skills of multiplication. Knowing how to measure can make the difference between a great meal and a horrible. People who enjoy cooking understand that they need to have sharp math skills in order to prepare good food.


The language of mathematics is numbers and it is the only language shared by all people regardless of culture , religion or gender.
Roger Bacon, an English philosopher and scientist stated :
"Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since he who is ignorant of it cannot know the other sciences or the things of the world."
Adding up the cost of a basket full of groceries involves the same math process regardless of whether the total is expressed in dollars, rubles, or yen.With this universal language, all of us, no matter what our unit of exchange, are likely to arrive at math results the same way.Math can help us to shop wisely, buy the right insurance, remodel a home within a budget, understand population growth, or even bet on the horse with the best chance of winning the race.